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Willpower Fitness Gym is lifestyle movement, focused on combining fitness with nutrition. Our foundation is built on two key components, commitment and consistency. You can’t have one without the other. We focus on finding out your WHY. What prompted you to make a change within yourself? It has to be deeper than wanting to get into better shape.

The W.A.R. Workout

The W.A.R. Workout, created by fitness guru Will McCray, is an acronym that stands for Warm up Cardio, Abdominal training, and resistance training. This intense workout will yield the best results you’ve ever had in your life!
This is a 30 minute high intensity workout that requires no equipment.

6 Week Red Carpet Resolution

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Enjoy our amazing sauna! There’s nothing like ending your workout by relaxing
your muscles in our infrared sauna. Benefits include


We offer a variety of services, with each trainer specializing in different fitness areas. Our philosophy is that fitness should be fun and exciting as well as challenging. Who wants to come to the gym dreading working out every time? Whether you want to strength train, lose weight, learn boxing and kickboxing, or simply just want to get moving, we have something for everyone! Our aim is to help you reach your fitness goal and have fun while doing it. 


Everybody has a WHY. You don’t just wake up one day and decide you want to make a lifestyle change. There is usually something deep within yourself that prompts you to make such a decision. Our mission is to uncover that WHY with you. That motivating factor will be what ultimately helps you to achieve your fitness goal. It’s deeper than wanting to fit in a new dress that you bought. It goes far beyond wanting to look amazing for an upcoming trip or vacation. Our job is to peel back those layers to the root. That reason WHY is what motivates you when it’s cold outside, when your job is stressing you, when you have a pile of responsibilities at home. Go back to the reason you started your journey. If it is rooted in something deep and meaningful, you will never give up until you reach your goal!

Do you have the Will to Win

Do you have the Will to win is more than just a tagline. It’s more than just a clever phrase. That will to win is tied to your reason why. There has to be something deep inside you that motivates you. Working out is not easy. Do you have the will to make it through that last set, that last rep, at the end of a long day? How bad do you want it?

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